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Discover The Limi Hospital Ltd.

Pioneering Healthcare Excellence for Over 41 Years

Welcome to Limi Hospital Ltd., a name synonymous with excellence in healthcare for over four decades.

Established in 1982, we have proudly served as a beacon of medical expertise and patient-centered care in the heart of Abuja.

Our journey is defined by a commitment to delivering the highest standards of healthcare, embracing innovation, and fostering a culture of compassion.

Registered Staff

Each one dedicated and fully committed to ensuring you have a great experience.

Service Centers

All centers and hospital branches are unified to ensure continuity of care and management.

Our Promise

The best medical services & top care

At Limi Hospital Ltd., we don’t just provide medical care; we deliver experiences that empower individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. With a compassionate touch, a commitment to innovation, and a legacy of excellence, we stand as your partner in every step of your healthcare journey.

Our team

Meet our Team

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Stay healthy with our services

We invite you to experience healthcare excellence at its finest. Whether you are seeking routine check-ups, specialized treatments, or emergency care, Limi Hospital Ltd. is your trusted destination

Years of Excellence
Heritage of Distinction

With a heritage spanning over four decades, Limi Hospital Ltd. represents more than just a medical institution; it embodies a legacy of distinction, trust, and unwavering commitment to elevating healthcare experiences.

Multispecialty Excellence

Our medical landscape comprises Limi Multispecialty Hospital, Cardiocare Multispecialty Hospital, and Limi Children’s Hospital. This multispecialty approach ensures that you receive the full spectrum of care, spanning diverse medical fields, under one esteemed roof.

Eminent Specialists

Our cadre of world-class specialists is driven by the passion to excel. Their combined expertise transforms complex challenges into well-defined solutions, fostering precision, trust, and the highest levels of medical competence.

Awards & Recognitions
Awards and Accolades

Our accolades serve as testament to our unwavering dedication. From industry awards to recognition for patient-centric initiatives, our journey is painted with milestones that underscore our pursuit of excellence.

Registered HMOs
All-Inclusive Access

A prominent name in private healthcare, we are your compass to comprehensive care. All Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) and Primary National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) plans are embraced, ensuring accessibility is a hallmark of our ethos.

Registered Patients
Patient-Centric Paradigm

Our ethos is etched in patient-centricity. Every patient is more than just a case; they are an individual deserving of empathy, tailored care, and a journey to healing that is both impactful and comforting.

98,5% client satisfaction rate!

Here are a few of their testimonials

This hospital is one of my favorite hospitals. It reminds me of a standard hospital like the ones in lagos. They have friendly staff and their customer services is on point. This is in comparison with many general hospitals all around Abuja. Limi Hospital is technologically compliant as their filing system is electronic so no carrying paper from place to place. The cost is not on the high side because once you pay to see the doctor you are entitled to see him for the next few days. In summary a good hospital with well trained and efficient doctors. I’m yet to have a bad experience there. 

Uchenna Nwachukwu

With the service I have received so far, Limi Hospital has my respect. They treat patients like with the highest respect and priority. 

Hamza Sani

The Limi Hospital responded to my dad’s emergency quickly. The Nurses and doctors were attentive to details, my dad was treated till he was perfectly well. A very good hospital

Samson Samuels

Limi hospital is cool with friendly staffs, I was attended to promptly and I am definitely referring everyone I know to Limi hospital. God bless you guys

Jeniffer Adedayo

who we are

We are Happy People Who Facilitate Happy Families, Through a great Healthcare System