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Antenatal Care

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Welcome to The Limi Hospital Prenatal Care. Congratulations, you’re having a baby! We are excited to join you on this journey to welcome your baby.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone, Afterall your little one is on the way. Our Guest Experience, Obstetrics and Gyneacology teams are here to guide you through your time of pregnancy up till childbirth.

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What is Antenatal Care?

Antenatal care is the care you receive while you pregnant to make sure you and your baby stay well and healthy all through your pregnancy. The nurses and doctors here in The Limi Hospital overseeing your antenatal care will:

  1. Check the health of you and your baby
  2. Give you useful information to help you have a healthy pregnancy, including advice about healthy eating and exercise
  3. Discuss your options and choices for your care during pregnancy, labour and birth
  4. Answer any questions you may have you must not forget to make sure you and the baby are healthy and stay that way.  

>1,620 Babies

Born in our Facility over the last 12 months


Increase in requests for medical attention to adult people during last year

Over 2000

registrations in the last 12 months

When Should I register for Antenatal Care?


It is advised that you register as soon as you receive the news that you are pregnant. You should have a minimum of 8 antenatal contact sessions throughout your pregnancy.


Why Antenatal Care?


Pregnancy brings a whole lot of changes to your whole body and there are lots of things you should and should not do, best foods to eat and things to avoid, and medications you should not take for the period. You will need expert medical knowledge to go through this phase successfully.

As every child is unique so is every pregnancy. You must register for antenatal for every pregnancy. Many women, especially those who are already mothers, might see antenatal as unnecessary, however, each baby’s journey is unique from the others and must be carefully monitored through the course of their development.

Benefits of The Limi Hospital Antenatal service includes:


  • Helping expecting parents understand and get fact-based information on pregnancy, birthing options, breastfeeding and how to care for the newborn. Not all the ancient ways of managing children are correct, getting professional information and advice is very important in navigating pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Providing the right information on nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding to expecting moms.
  • Preventing complications – some pregnant women develop complications such as hypertension and diabetes. These will be detected early and treated properly
  • Managing illness through pregnancy is tricky, our team is here to help you through any form of
  • Giving fathers-to-be an opportunity to understand your partner through their journey of pregnancy, birth and early parenting.
  • Creating opportunities to meet expectant parents like you and a community to share your problems and best practices.

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We believe pregnancy should be celebrated, cherished and valued.

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