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Antenatal Care

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Welcome to Limi Hospital’s Online Antenatal Classes page, where we prepare you for the beautiful journey of parenthood from the comfort of your home. With over 41 years of healthcare excellence, we bring expert guidance and comprehensive knowledge directly to your fingertips.

Our online antenatal classes are designed to empower expectant parents with essential information, support, and confidence as you prepare for the arrival of your little one.

Pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone, Afterall your little one is on the way. Our Guest Experience, Obstetrics and Gyneacology teams are here to guide you through your time of pregnancy up till childbirth.

Online Prenatal Classes

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Why Choose Limi Hospital’s Online Antenatal Classes?

  • Expert Educators: Our experienced medical professionals and specialists guide you through every aspect of pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood.

  • Convenience: Learn at your own pace and schedule, fitting classes into your busy life.

  • Comprehensive Content: Covering a wide range of topics, from prenatal care to newborn care, breastfeeding, and postpartum well-being.

  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in live Q&A sessions with our experts, ensuring personalized guidance and answers to your queries.


What to Expect in Our Online Antenatal Classes:

  • Prenatal Health: Discover how to maintain a healthy pregnancy through proper nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

  • Childbirth Preparation: Understand the stages of labor, pain management options, and strategies for a positive birthing experience.

  • Newborn Care: Learn essential skills for caring for your newborn, from feeding to diapering and soothing techniques.

  • Breastfeeding Support: Gain insights into breastfeeding techniques, positioning, and troubleshooting common challenges.

Empowering Parenthood from Home:

At Limi Hospital, we understand the importance of being well-prepared for parenthood. Our online antenatal classes offer a comprehensive and flexible way to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to embark on this beautiful journey.

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