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Top 5 Abuja Best Hospitals

Find The Best Hospitals and Clinics In Abuja

No one ever prays to fall sick but sickness does visit unannounced sometimes whether we like it or not. Whenever it comes however there is the need to visit a reliable hospital or healthcare center that would at the very least offer relief and healing of some sort. Here in Abuja we’ve taken time to list out 5 hospitals that stand out among others and you should know them just in case;

1. Limi Hospital (Central Area)

This is by far the best private hospital in Abuja. It is well equipped to handle treatment of all kinds of medical services that most standard tertiary institutions in Nigeria can run. Its services are high quality and very affordable and Limi has one of the most vibrant young and well educated staff of any hospital in Abuja and Nigeria. You don’t even have to pay for a hospital card as all records are automated, all you need is a hospital number and you’re good to go. Limi is trusted by over 100 health maintenance organisations and companies, such as United Healthcare, Novo Health

2. Nizamiye Hospital (Life Camp)
This hospital is one of the few hospitals in Abuja that provides high quality but affordable medicare. The hospital has 6 consulting rooms with space for 2 doctors at a time meaning at peak periods it could have 12 doctors to attend to patients’ needs that is besides having well equipped laboratories, a well stocked pharmacy and sufficient number of wards for patients on admission.

3. Kelina Hospital (Gwarimpa)
The hospital is well equipped although not as good and as large as the previous two but it can compete in terms of having well trained staff that would look after your loved ones or yourself if you ever need medical attention.

4. Maitama General Hospital
Located along Aguiyi Ironsi way in Maitama, it is one of the few Government Hospitals that is above board in terms of offering reasonable medicare to the general public. The hospital does have challenges such as service delivery, overstretched facilities among others but that is expected of public hospitals.

5.National Hospital Abuja
The most popular government hospital in Abuja and also the biggest although not the best. Many people have had course to complain about this hospital as being unreliable with uncourteous staff, poor service delivery and exorbitant fees. But the hospital still remains the number one port of call for many ill and injured people in Abuja requiring medicare.

If you have medical needs from any hospital in Abuja and want to be well catered for you should know these 5 and make your pick on which one you’d rather use.

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